Financial Services

With MicroTech’s Financial Services (MTFS), customers can continue their leap into the future of innovation with key technology upgrades. MicroTech’s Financial Services ease the stress of reduced budgets and allows for flexible spending and customizable payment plans. By utilizing our financial models, agencies are able to alleviate capital constraints and with flexible base plus option year payment models, you can utilize your agencies operating budget funds instead of the usually first-to-slash capital budgets. MicroTech’s payment plans can include technology refreshes, additional equipment, and services needed throughout the entire life of the contract, thus eliminating peak and valley spending!

Flexibility Of Payments

Whether clients want to utilize Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) or are looking to simply use a payment plan for their technology, MicroTech Financial Services offer flexible payments over time through a Base Plus Option Year Plan.

This payment plan creates predictable and manageable payments for each client’s budget needs:

  • Lock in out year budgeting and maintenance costs
  • Utilize Operating Funds rather than Capital Dollars
  • Lower up-front payments, which allows agencies to align their cost with the benefits of their IT
  • Flexible payment structures for annual, monthly or quarterly expenses

Lower the Total Cost of Ownership

MicroTech Financial Services create procurement strategies to reduce the total costs for clients’ mission critical projects.

The Base Plus Option-Year pricing models reduce the total cost of ownership by:

  • Bundling IT, services, and maintenance into one monthly/annual price
  • Incorporating existing investments
  • Creating predictable refresh cycles
  • Eliminating long procurement cycles

Manage IT Lifecyle

MicroTech Financial Services simplifies the jargon-laden acquisition process, allowing customers to get the equipment they need to get the job done. MicroTech can design, develop, deliver and service those solutions—all while protecting against out year budget cuts.

With MicroTech Financial Services, clients receive:

  • Managed services contracts
  • Consolidated maintenance contracts
  • Alleviation of the burden of ownership
  • Low disposal costs
  • A single source of IT assets, services and finance
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