Green IT Initiative

“We congratulate MicroTech on responding to their customers’ desire to improve the environmental and energy performance of their computing operations by becoming an EPEAT Partner. …[MicroTech] communicates their commitment to supporting green initiatives...” — Jeff Omelchuck, Executive Director of EPEAT

Today no organization can afford to ignore increasing energy costs or the contribution of Information Technology use to climate change. According to recent industry research, powering global technology contributes roughly the same carbon emissions as the airline industry; about 40% of that technology footprint comes from PCs and monitors alone.

Green Computing

MicroTech understands the value of environmental-friendly business initiatives; from offering Energy Star Efficient products, to reviewing and improving how we package our products. MicroTech works closely with many leading IT vendors to provide green-focused product choices in hardware and software. We constantly look for space-saving and cost-saving opportunities to complement the energy-efficient products and services we provide. MicroTech has teamed with the Green Electronics Council and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to become a registered Green Reseller of technology manufacturers who can prove that their products conform to a comprehensive set of environment-focused criteria.

What is EPEAT?

The Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool, better known as EPEAT, is the preeminent environmental ratings system for desktop computers, laptops and monitors. The EPEAT system rates products based on the IEEE Standard 1680 for the Environmental Assessment of Personal Computer Products. MicroTech is a leading IT reseller — offering access across the Federal government to over a million technology products and 2500 vendors via over 25 prominent IDIQs and GWACs. As an EPEAT Partner Reseller of green IT products, MicroTech can provide you with up-to-date, detailed information on environmentally preferable products, and support for green-focused Technology purchasing decisions. EPEAT provides a clear and consistent set of criteria for the design of green products, and the ability to meet policy and regulatory requirements to reduce the environmental impact of the Information Technology that you use.

Improve Energy Performance of Your Network

As an EPEAT Partner Reseller, MicroTech can help you improve the environmental and energy performance of your computing operations. We can help you effectively choose products with:

  • Less toxic content
  • Lower energy consumption and operating costs
  • Easier end-of-lifecycle management options
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